When you are planning to construct or remodel your home or office, choosing the right builders is the most important and challenging job. Once you have chosen a responsible group of people, the work gets easier in every aspect. Selecting the right people, to complete the work within stipulated time and budget, is a gruesome job. You may decide on the kinds of services you would require. Let us take you through some key points for choosing the right builders.

  • In every field of work, reputation matters most. The construction field is not an exception. Make sure that you have read testimonials provided by the former customers.
  • Acquire information from the former clients whether the final pricing matched with the initial quote or not.
  • Enquire whether the construction was completed within the initially given time or not. Delays are expected in construction but it shouldn’t be much to hamper other regular works.
  • Gain knowledge about the kind of work that the builder delivered. The aesthetics and craftsmanship matter the most.
  • Experience is the biggest advantage in this domicile. Find out how long the builder has been in the line of business. The type of projects they usually undertake or can complete in a given time matters too.
  • Look for their commitment of paying attention to the details of your choice.

Many companies across Darlington and Teesside provide quality building plumbing works and builders. Steve Brown Builders are one of the finest craftsmen in this industry with years of experience. Give us a call right away if you are searching for an experienced group of people to take care of your construction needs.

Barn conversion has been going on since ages; however, since the latter half of the 20th Century, it has become further popular due to the decrease in the cost of the agricultural buildings and consecutive rise in the demand of living spaces.  The current policies of the government are quite favourable for barn conversions and you don’t even need a new planning permit. Such a stance from the authorities has encouraged homeowners to further enhance the value of their bungalows.

Here are a few of the top benefits of having your barn converted:

  • The primary advantage of barn conversion is the additional amount of space it provides to your home. The tall ceiling of the barn helps in making the interiors visually spacious. The additional space can be utilised for various purposes including guest room, study and an additional bedroom for the kids.

  • The traditional design is perfectly blended with modern architecture. The fusion of wooden doorways and high arched ceilings of the barns will perfectly complement a modern interior and will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your property but also increase its value.

If you own a bungalow and have a barn that can be converted, it is time that you seriously think about it. Steve Brown Builders is the one-stop solution for all your Barn Conversions needs. We also provide you with all types of groundworks. Our expert builders will give shape to your imagination like never before. Contact us today!

Renovating old houses and bungalows is always exciting but the entire process seems daunting. Whatever the kind of renovation you are looking at, barn conversions or just the groundworks, building up to the renovation and executing it can be quite challenging. Irrespective of how much work your house needs or how much budget you can spare, here are a few questions you ought to ask yourself before jumping into renovating.

5 questions to ask yourself before you get on with the renovation

  1. Is your house in dire need of a renovation?
    People often get confused with the graveness of cracks (if any) on the walls.Look closely! Do the cracks appear on the walls or show up only along the framework of doors and windows?
  2. What is your budget?
    People either plan a home renovation for years or do it because it’s necessary. If you fall in the former category, chances are that you have set aside an optimum budget to spend. But in case you fall in the second category, you might face a budget restraint
  3. How renovation does your house need?
    Renovate as much as you need to.If you just need your flooring to be repaired, or cracked walls to be fixed, focus on that, the rest can be done later.
  4. Are new electrical fittings compulsory?
    In case you are working on repairing the walls, new electrical fittings can be a possibility. However, in case of any other kind of renovation, changing the entire cabling at home would push your budget higher.
  5. Do you want to renovate any add ons?
    Renovating bungalows are often accompanied by new patios within the premise. If you have that in your renovation plan, you can go ahead with it as it would not bust your budget.

Whatever your need is – complete renovation or part repairing, you always have Steve Brown Builders right behind you to help you with it. Whether you are in Teesside, Auckland or Darlington, your home renovation process is smooth and care-free when it is in safe hands of the experts in the industry.

Are you planning to get a new home for yourself lately? Bungalows may be the perfect option for you. Bungalows are standalone houses which are usually of one storey or sometimes there are two storey bungalows. These are ideal for staying alone or staying with a small family, ideally requiring a lesser space. There are plenty of vividly beautiful Bungalows in Bishop Auckland available for you to occupy or you can build the perfect bungalow for yourself customised according to your preferences. If you already have an idea about the bungalow which you want to build for yourself then why not proceed with the idea.

There are plenty of steps required to be completed before your dream bungalow is finally built. One of the important aspects to take care of before building the bungalow is the groundwork. It is needed to be ensured that the bungalow is built on strong foundations. Plan the groundwork in a way that suits your requirements. Even before you start building your bungalow ensure that you have all of the required permits from the authorities.

The interiors and the exteriors of the bungalow can be built according to your taste and choice. There can be a beautiful sunroom attached with the bungalow which you can use during the summers. The bungalow can be designed beautifully in a traditional Victorian style or it can be designed in a modern style. It all depends on your personal choices, it’s your house make sure you reflect your personality through the interior and exterior designs!

Steve Brown Builders is one of the most reliable and efficient builders for Bungalows in County Durham. We deal with various types of construction work such as Barn Conversions, bungalows among others in Darlington, County Durham, Bishop Auckland and adjoining regions. Get in touch with us today to get the best solutions to your construction needs!

Every person would want their home to look spectacular. Often you might feel that the home can be decorated and renovated in a way that makes it look more up to date. In this blog we bring to you the top 3 reasons why you should consider building renovations. Read on to find out-

  • With renovations in place it will enhance the overall appearance of the house.
  • If your family is growing or you need to accommodate a long term guest renovations would be a good idea so that your home can accommodate more people.
  • The value of your home will increase after renovations have been done.

If you are looking for building restoration and renovations services in Teesside then Steve Brown Builders is your ultimate destination! We have an immensely experienced team of experts in the field who can lend you the best advice for this type of work. Be it any kind of work related to your building, we have it all to serve you in the best way. A lot of our clients who have taken service from us have recommended us and this further reinstates the fact that we are one of the best companies in the business! Get in touch with us right away.

‘Steve Brown’ has emerged as a name which has gained a great amount of recognition in the field of residential and commercial builds. Being in the business for the last four decades, Steve Brown Builders has been successful in offering services in new constructions, renovations, restorations, extensions and conversions. With an admirable display of passion and keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority, it has been involved in building dream projects of many. Although based out of Darlington and Bishop Auckland, Steve Brown builders has definitely not restricted its services to County Durham, Teesside and the North East and East Yorkshire, but has also extended its range across the other parts of the United Kingdom

With an impressive team on board, consisting of highly experienced and professional ground-workers, bricklayers and stone masons, joiners, roofers, electricians, plumbers and even decorators, Steve Brown Builders has made an impressive investment in possessing an extensive fleet of plant and machinery, mini excavators, dump trucks and all modern tools required for the job. Their expertise has went beyond the regular new building constructions to church renovations and restoration works, steel work such as steel framed kits and steel lintels and extensions to your home or workplace

One of the first stages of any construction project are the ground works to be carried out according to legal requirements. As activities done to prepare sub-surfaces before the commencement of the actual construction work, effective ground work includes the following:

Ground Investigation – generally carried out to record past land uses, stability and potential problems, the assessment quintessentially involves geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, soil conditions and contamination issues

Site Clearance – necessarily involving clearance of the top soil and leveling the ground, this activity is also done to create level development platforms, if required

Substructure and Ground stabilization – works related to screed with excavations and foundations and driving of steel sheet piles into the ground forming a continuous wall, guaranteeing ground stabilization

Services – ensuring involvement of temporary and permanent drainage and other connections related to utilities

Landscaping – in order to remodel the site for smooth construction

The team of operatives at the Steve Brown Builders is skilled at its delivery and even offers bespoke developments designed either by the recommendations of architects or the specifications as enlisted by its customers.The website of Steve Brown Builders has detailed information of the services that are offered and there are images which show previous work. Building your home or your work place is a lifetime investment and it would be a good choice to employ one of the best in the business. Steve Brown Builders has formed a slot for itself in the competitive market. What sets it apart from its competitors is the desire for perfection and constant loyalty to all of thecustomers.Steve Brown Builders – your gateway to a ‘Dream Come True’ experience!

Building a house is an investment that promises great returns but can also be considered a major and cost heavy investment. Building your dream house needs professional assistance from experienced builders. Supposing you want to renovate your restroom you require an experienced tiling specialist who works according to your preferences.

If you are wanting to build a new home or a commercial construction you have landed in the perfect place. Welcome to Steve Brown Builders based out of Teesside. Steve Brown Builders have extended their service to Darlington and Bishop Auckland as well. The company possesses a skilled and experienced team which focuses on ultimate customer satisfaction; there is a huge range of projects on which Steve Brown Builders have worked upon. The company has improved with time and also undertakes both commercial and domestic building.

From renovating the new building to constructing new houses and bungalows, everything is managed by experienced professionals. The company has an experience of nearly forty years so they strive towards perfection. Steve Brown Builders also focuses on restoration, renovation, extensions, and conversions. The company also works on renovating and building new commercial properties like nightclubs, cafés, and restaurants and also frames fences.

The experienced professionals inspect and survey the entire site first and then implement the plan accordingly. Everything is done keeping the customer’s preferences in mind. The services of Steve Brown Builders for domestic building also contain building regulations, groundwork excavation, foundation formation, and proper drainage formation.

The professionals always strive towards perfection and customer satisfaction.

The services offered by Steve Brown Builders

New Builds –The projects are lined up accordingly and every project is delivered on time. All the designs are strategically planned by skilled architects.

Church Renovation –Steve Brown Builders uses quality materials and ensures a long-lasting effect on the building. The company also emphasizes church renovation and construction.

Steel Work -Steve Brown Builders builds best quality steel gates and fences for the domestic and commercial purpose. The best quality steel beams are used to ensure stability and safety.